Welcome to Taming Tummies! This is blog post number one, and I’m very excited to start sharing my experience with IBS and the low FODMAP diet. My hope for this blog is to help others diagnosed with IBS to successfully follow a low FODMAP diet to manage and eliminate their symptoms. When first diagnosed with IBS, I was blessed with a physician who recommended diet change over any type of medication for controlling my symptoms. After some blood work and several tests to eliminate the possibility of a more serious GI issue, I started a four week trial of a low FODMAP diet. She recommended that I purchase an application for my phone called The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet. She told me that they were the leading researchers for this diet, and I would benefit from having a list of approved foods on my phone for on-the-go, quick information. This app has been such a helpful tool for me, and I’ve found the information to be very accurate regarding the way my body reacts to all different types of food. The app is always changing, so I have new, accurate information in a mobile form.

I have also found several websites to be helpful with learning about FODMAP ratings and explaining this diagnosis to friends and family. Below are some helpful links for getting started and managing this diet. The first website, IBS Diets, contains 2 comprehensive lists: the first with high FODMAP foods to avoid and the second with low FODMAP foods to enjoy. The second website, IFFGD About IBS, helps to explain IBS, the symptoms, and how a low FODMAP diet can help.





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